• Nationality: USA
  • Sex: Male

TELF | LEARN TEFL                                                                            

Successfully completed 120 Hour TEFL / TESOL Course.

English Teacher | Private Students                                                                      

  • Teaching at the ENGLISH HOME in HCMC since 2020
  • PalFish English Teacher 01.2019
  • Multiple Online Classes one to one.
  • Multiple One on one Phone calls for vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Multiple one and one lessons por conversational and improving students pronunciation guiding them with charts and pictures,
  • Sales and business 2015-2018
    • Taught Sales and Marketing English to 6 South American Spanish Speakers.
    • Focused on improving student’s grammar, listening, and speaking skills.
  • Guangzhou, China Mainland. 19-08.19
  • Taught 2 Little 4 year old Chinese twins English Basics for 2 months.
  • Currently do their online classes Through Wechat or Skype 3 times a week.
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 16-11.16
    • Taught Conversational English to Portuguese speaking students.
    • Utilized Direct Method to improve student’s grammar, listening, and speaking.

Teacher/Trainer | Corporate Experience                                                       2014-2018

  • Taught student’s sales and communication principles based on my own company experiences based in Chicago, IL, USA.

–   Large knowledge of automotive luxury brands, which I learnt over the years while running my own car parking company.

–   Sold 41 cars in a 4 month period.


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